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ABS-CBN takes pride in its wide range of successful licensing programs, setting standards and pioneering local licensing in the Philippines. 

ABS-CBN Licensing’s mission is to work closely with its licensees to develop a winning marketing strategy, build stronger brand recognition, and deliver effective results. ABS-CBN’s catalog of brands and properties guarantees this success. From the success of local properties such as Super Inggo to international phenomenal programs such as Big Brother and Fear Factor, ABS-CBN’s brands and properties have already proven their added value to many of its clients.

ABS-CBN Licensing’s product line encompasses an entire range of products and promotions in more than 28 unique product categories.

Our range of licensing programs include:

  • Traditional Licensing (apparel, toys, books, etc)
  • Promotional Licensing (logo for in store use, logo in advertising, etc).
  • Music (CD, Video, DVD)
  • Publishing (Magazine, Books)

Developing a comprehensive licensing strategy is fuelled by our knowledge in making the right fit between the ideas and objectives of our clients and our brands. Our strategies are based upon years of experience in the field, genuine creativity, and the unique ABS-CBN properties that make for guaranteed success in the local marketing landscape.